Ungate the Lake

Contributions of any amount are welcome to support the legal effort to protect public access to Oregon’s waterways.

Friends of Sucker Lake
Sorry, donations do not qualify for tax deduction

Case Update: 

Our day in court is coming! April 10, 2018 @ 9am

The Oregon Supreme Court has decided to review our case involving the public’s right to access Oswego Lake. This landmark case will not only determine the fate of access to Oswego Lake, but will determine public use rights to rivers, lakes, bays, and the sea throughout Oregon.

As we approach the finish line, we are making one final push for donations. While our attorneys are generously donating their time on this case, we are still in need of funds to help defray administrative costs such as court filing fees. We are up against a well funded city that is using taxpayer dollars to prevent public access for the benefit of a powerful special interest.

If you are willing to make a secure donation to help see this case to victory, please click the yellow “make as donation” button at the top of the page.




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