Recent Press about the Effort to Ungate the Lake

Recent News Article with a Case Update

Clackamas County Court Filings

Clakcamas County Court: Legal Complaint

Clackamas County Court: Legal Memo Supporting Our Claim

Clackamas County Court Decision

Oregon Court of Appeals Filings

Oregon Court of Appeals Decision

Oregon Court of Appeals: Amicus Brief in Support of Plaintiffs (By 36 Law Professors and Willamette Riverkeepers)

Oregon Court of Appeals: Amicus Motion in Support of Plaintiffs (Describes Qualifications of Amici Curiae)

Oregon Court of Appeals: Plaintiffs’ Opening Brief

Oregon Court of Appeals: Plaintiffs’ Reply Brief

Additional Information Regarding Public Access Rights to Oregon Waterways

Brochure about the Public’s Rights to Use Oregon’s Waterways for Recreation (By the Oregon Department of State Lands)

Oregon’s Public Trust Doctrine: Public Rights in Waters, Wildlife, and Beaches

Farnell Report (Report on the Navigable Waters of Oregon (includes Oswego Lake))

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